Eisteddfod Pavilion

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An interest in tectonics has resulted in a number of small, projects that explore standardised, prefabricated construction. This exhibition pavilion for the Eisteddfod festival, 2004, used off-the-shelf materials from local DIY stores, in their standard sizes, lengths and sections to design and manufacture a ‘dry’, no nail, demountable, reusable and recyclable structure in a month. The composition of: concrete block foundations, plywood and softwood framed cabinets, OSB roof and floor cassettes and profiled metal and plastic cladding has reinvented the everyday construction material from mundane and inferior to stimulating and refined. The display/ storage cabinets formed space defining, structural and service elements that could be reconfigured to form numerous layouts on the standard 2.4 x 1.2m grid, while optimising natural light and ventilation. The principals have since been reinterpreted and developed in the design of further exhibition pavilions and visitor centres.

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